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Quality is integrated into product development, and ensures that the products are so reliable and rugged that after sales complaints are virtually unknown!
Anergy Firsts
•   Vacuum Degasser
•   Suction Dirt Separator
•   Pressure Maintaining Station
•   High Rangeability Control Valve
•   Microbubble Air/Dirt Saperator
•   Valve for FCU (Polymer)
•   Indigenous temperature and
•   Humidity controllers
•   Suction Guides
•   Test Points
•   Data Loggers
•   Hydronic Pressurisaton Systems
•   Indigenous BMS
•   Thermal Energy Meters
Research & Development

It is the business of good technology to be easy to understand and simple to operate.

The Anergy agenda is the adaptation or simplification of state-of-the-art technology to fit and match diverse and demanding applications, at a friendly cost, with a friendly interface.

The result has been a whole lot of firsts, beginning with the development of India’s first indigenously designed electronic temperature controller.

The 365-day laboratory
  Research and development is a strenuous ongoing thought process, supported with work in the laboratory to implement and test the designs, using the latest software and hardware. In addition to its own facilities Anergy utilizes the labs of hi-tech design centres to perfect its prototypes.
Design evolution
  Anergy products keep evolving and improving. Rigorous in-house testing ensures quality checks and also exposes weaknesses in a particular design. Information is continuously fed to the design lab for further improvement in performance.
What you always get is the best, most robust answer, NOW.
Sorry, no frills!
  Providing quality at affordable prices is the golden rule, which guides all our R&D efforts, making us consciously avoid cosmetic frills that add costs without delivering proportionate benefits. The focus is on product design that improves functionality and efficiency, and remains maintenance-free.
What more could an engineer want?
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