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Products > Hydronic System > Microbubble Air / Dirt Separator
  • Air separation process based on the concept of coalescence, microbubbles tend to adhere to a surface and then grow together to form larger air bubbles.
  • SS Pall rings used to provide
    - Large surface area per volume
    - High probability of collision and adhesion of microbubbles, as the fluid flow
       gets deflected in different directions
    - Minimal resistance to fluid flow
  • High capacity auto airvent
  • Separation of dirt particles heavier than water is facilitated by
    - Low water velocity
    - Deflection of fluid stream in many different directions by the Pall rings
    - Creation of non-turbulent zone in the extended lower part
  • Ball valve at the bottom to drain the collected dirt particles
  • Removes air microbubbles
    - Increases heat transfer efficiency
    - Reduces chances of air lock
  • Reduces corrosion in piping and sludge formation
  • Removes impurities heavier than water
    - Prevents choking of strainers
    - Prevents damage to pumps and other equipment
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