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Products > Special Purpose Controller > Astro Switch
  • Street lighting, commercial compound lighting, high tower avionic lighting
  • Decorative/ highlight lighting, advertising signage
  • Staircases, patios, courtyards, gardens, commonliving areas
  • Works on Astronomical principles
  • Calculates SUNSET & SUNRISE time based on the earth's orbit around the sun and rotation on its own axis
  • Accepts longitude and latitude data to determine location of astro-switch on earth
  • Accurate calculation of SUNSET & SUNRISE times on any longitude between 65O north to 65O south latitude
  • PC connectivity through an adapter to program the data
  • Data retained in non-volatile memory
  • One time programming at the time of installation
  • Automatically changes the switch ON & OFF  times based on day length
  • No need to change ON/OFF switch times every few days
  • Saves power by switching ON the lights just for the right amount of time
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