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Air Separator is used to remove dissolved air/gases or micro bubbles from closed or open hydronic, HVAC, boiler other water / fluid systems. In the process it separates undissolved impurities as well.

Of M.S. construction, with flanged connections, the air separator is provided with a high capacity automatic air vent at the top.

For chilled water application, it should be insulated with 50 mm thick insulation to the specifications and cladded with 26G Aluminum cladding.

Sediment Separator removes impurities heavier than water
- Prevents Choking of strainers
- Prevents damage to pumps and other equipment

Salient features
  • Removes dissolved air and mcrobubbles
  • Reduces corrosion in piping, sludge formation
  • Reduces chances of air lock
  • Removes impurities heavier than water
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