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Why Controls?

An HVAC system is only as good as its controls. Control is the brain behind the HVAC systems.

All HVAC systems are designed to ensure optimum comfort indoors by ensuring that the parameters like temperature, relative humidity, indoor air quality etc. remain constant at the desibnated set points irrespective of frequent and wide fluctuations in inside load, occupancy, external environment etc. It is the job of the controllers to ensure this system efficiency. Without them, conditions indoors will vary widely and frequently resulting in avoidable discomfort.

Manual and Automatic Controls
Controls could be manual or automatic. Manual controls are unsatisfactory as human beings are not good sensors and not good at repetitive tasks. Automatic controls are the preferred choice for managing sophisticated HVAC Systems. They are more reliable and less expensive. Automatic controls have advanced greatly with the exponential development in the field of microprocessor technology.
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